Academic Workshops

Having guidance on how to write an essay or knowing the correct citations will definitely give you an edge in assignments. At PsychSoc, we care about students and helping them achieve their best. From workshops on statistics to essay and report writing, there is certainly a workshop for every psychology student, no matter what year you are in! Keep an eye out for these workshops popping up here or on our Facebook group to never miss out on anything PsychSoc-related! 

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Our Workshops

Statistics Revision Workshops

In semester 1, we hold workshops for PSYC2001 (Research Methods 2) and PSYC3001 (Research Methods 3) to help students with their revision for these subjects, and to provide an opportunity outside of lectures and tutorials to ask questions. There is a revision workshop at the end of the semester for both PSYC2001 and PSYC3001, as well as an additional mid-semester PSYC2001 workshop. All revision workshops are run by tutors from the School of Psychology.

2001 & 3001 Classes (statistics)

This year, we introduced PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) sessions for PSYC2001 and Keeping up with PSYC3001 classes.

PAL is facilitated by students who have previously completed PSYC2001 and achieved a High Distinction (HD), and features a flexible structure where students are free to bring in any questions they have regarding the course content. There is also a Facebook group available for students to join where they may ask content-related questions or have discussions about the course or assignments among themselves.

Keeping up with PSYC3001 is run by PSYC3001 tutors and focuses not on the current topics being taught in the course but on the assumed knowledge that is no longer covered in lectures or tutorials. As PSYC3001 can be a challenging and fast-paced course, BTB is targeted at students who may still feel unconfident about their prerequisite statistics knowledge and would like to go over the basics of statistics again. Questions from students are also always welcome.

Writing Workshop

The undergraduate psychology curriculum at UNSW heavily incorporates report and essay writing into its assessments. Yet tutors often do not provide sufficient guidance on how to write good essays and reports for psychology, which can hence be quite a challenge for first and second year students who have not had much experience yet.

The writing workshop helps students to get a better idea of what exactly is expected from an essay or a report, the essential elements that it must include, and offers tips to help with the writing process.

EndNote Workshop

Psychology essays and reports often require references to a variety of sources, and citing them properly, both in-text and in the bibliography, is another essential skill that is demanded in assessments. EndNote is a software that helps students to manage their references and generate in-text citations and bibliographies easily, saving time wasted on formulating references one at a time.

In this workshop, we teach you how to get started with EndNote, its main functions and demonstrate how you can integrate it seamlessly into your assessment-writing experience.