Tutor List

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Sometimes lectures, tutorials and laboratories are not enough to understand the content. PsychSoc is dedicated to help students reach their full potential. With previous students who have completed psychology courses before, we have passionate tutors that are willing to help bump those grades up! 

We maintain a tutor list that shows names and contact details of all tutors who are currently accepting students. The grade that the tutor received for the subject is specified in the parentheses and has been verified through their academic transcript.

Please be advised that we don't endorse any individual tutor, we simply provide a forum for those willing to make their services available. If you have any concerns or issues regarding one of the advertised tutors, please let us know so that we can take appropriate steps. 

If you would like to be on the tutor list, please email us at psychsoc@unsw.edu.au and include the subjects you would like to tutor, your rate, contact details, and any relevant experience. You must also attach your academic transcript, showing your mark and grade for the subjects you wish to tutor.