The Simplified Academic Handbook - 2018

This handbook is your first step to understanding what options you have as part of your psychology degree, including choosing electives, the features of each psychology degree pathway, how entry to Honours works, and much more!

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Psychology Third Year Courses (A Brief Guide) - 2016

Unlike first and second year, in third year at UNSW, most psychology courses (apart from compulsory courses PSYC3001 and PSYC3011) are offered as electives. Bachelor of Psychology students are required to complete as least five of these courses, and students from other degree pathways at least three, although it is highly recommended that you complete as many as you can, as these courses go into much more detail and can be helpful if you're unsure of what area of psychology you're interested in!

Please also do note that this is the 2016 version of the guide and there may have been changes made since then, so we recommend to double check with the School of Psychology for up-to-date information. We are currently working on a 2019 version.