About Us!

PsychSoc aims to engage, support and connect all psychology students at the University of New South Wales.

We want to help you get the most out of your time in psychology, and hence aim to provide events throughout the year for the psychology student community here. Whether you are looking for social events, academic help, or career information, we’ve got you covered. Collaborating with other UNSW societies, as well as in-university and external organisations, we ensure that every psychology student will have the most enriching university experience here.

We hold social and academic shindigs throughout the entire year. To see what's next on the horizon, check out our Facebook page, group and join us on OrgSync! 

The society is organised by a team of volunteers who would love students to become more involved! There will be opportunities for you to apply for a position on the Executive/Committee, and feel free to contact us at any time with enquiries or suggestions. 

President and Vice President's Address


At UNSW Psychology Society we make it our aim to help not only students studying Psychology, but all UNSW students in growing academically, socially and professionally. Our society is completely student run and our members hope to build a strong support network for anyone struggling, or even flourishing, through university life.

In 2018, our society’s vision lies in four characteristics that motivates us to continue working for all students at UNSW. These characteristics are passion and drive, initiative, pragmatism, and honesty and openness. The people who are integrated into the PsychSoc committee will always have a passion and drive to make UNSW a better place, better events, and greater goals. Tied closely with this is a sense of initiative which acts to shape PsychSoc into a dynamic team that constantly adapts to address the needs of our student members.

In doing so, we are to be pragmatic about the changes we make, ensuring that our actions truly act in the interests of the member body. Finally, honesty and openness which removes barriers between the PsychSoc committee and the student, allowing us to improve transparency and hold responsibility for creating a friendlier university environment. 

When thinking of UNSW PsychSoc, we hope that students outside of the committee view us as a friend; someone who can help you when studying becomes hard, someone who you can talk to in your free time, or someone who you can connect you to your dream job.

- Kevin Zhen (President); Sophia Liang (Vice-President)



Our Portfolios

PsychSoc’s foundations stand upon five portfolios, teams which innovate, organise and facilitate PsychSoc’s events – Academic, Social, Relations, the Year Representatives, and Marketing and Media.

The Academic team assists with improving the academic lifestyle and understanding of Psychology students through coding, writing, and exam workshops; whereas the Social team looks to run fun-filled events, forgetting about the stresses of university studies. The Relations portfolio helps students take the first step into connecting with the professional workplace, opening opportunities for you to talk to employers and understand what they look for in a psychology graduate. The Year Representatives bridge PsychSoc with the wider year cohorts, listening to issues, a voice to the student body, and strives to create events that introduces students to new friends in their year group. All the events PsychSoc pulls together is only made possible by students attending them, and the Marketing and Media team shapes the event pages and marketing material for our events to ensure everyone knows what the society is up to next.

Overseeing all the portfolios is our executive team – the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Arc Delegate and Treasurer. When you ask PsychSoc any questions, give us feedback or even just start a chat with us over email or Facebook, our Secretary is the one who replies. The Secretary is our go-to member and will know nearly everything and anything about our society. Our Arc Delegate keeps PsychSoc aligned with Arc, which is a student-run body that ensures all societies and clubs continue to provide services that cater to the students. The Treasurer budgets our spending so we can continue to run our events and will be the one to confirm that your payment has come through to our PsychSoc bank account. The President and Vice-President work together to lead the committee, drawing from the four characteristics that stimulate the society to always work diligently to create a better UNSW.

2018 Committee Members



Director – Rachelle Yung

Director – Theresa Chang

Subcommittee – Victoria Wang

Subcommittee – Roselyn Yeh

Subcommittee – Naomi Rahman

Subcommittee – Dickson Mai


Year Representatives Portfolio

Third Year Representative – Sim Yang

Third Year Representative – Yents Pavri

Second Year Representative – Georgina Chan

Second Year Representative – Nikita Spalvins (Semester 2)

Second Year Representative – Isabelle O’Rourke (Semester 1)

First Year Representative – Katherine Wong

First Year Representative – Harrison Lee


Marketing and Media Portfolio

Director – Yuki Wen

Director – Sahar Fatima

Subcommittee – Colin Vuong

Subcommittee – Alson Lee


President – Kevin Zhen

Vice President – Sophia Liang

Secretary – Janice Yung

Treasurer – Sim Yang (Semester 2)

Treasurer – Jessica Chan (Semester 1)

Arc Delegate – David Cohen



Director – Helen Fu

Director – Bek Au

Subcommittee – Owen Sun

Subcommittee – Derek Lau

Subcommittee – Maxine Cheng

Subcommittee – Stephen Chan (Semester 1)


Relations Portfolio

Director – Lily Wu (Semester 2)

Director – Lucy Zhang (Semester 2)

Director – James Lian (Semester 1)

Director – Louisa McKenzie (Semester 1)

Subcommittee – David Yalpi

Subcommittee – Cait Scally

Subcommittee – Nathan Jahja

Subcommittee – Roxanna Duan

Subcommittee – Hae Eun Park (Semester 2)

Subcommittee – Lily Wu (Semester 1)