Equilibrium Psychology

Virtual Careers Fair 2018


What does the day in the work life of a clinical psychologist look like?


What are some things you did not anticipate before you pursued clinical psychology?


What do you think a future clinical psychologist will look like and how does that differ from from the present?


How does a typical psychology graduate enter the clinical field?

They would get a clinical masters or do a combined masters/PhD and then do two years of supervised practice as a registrar before they are entitled to the full Clinical rebate under Medicare.


What kind of skills do you think that your course or degree didn’t offer that are actually needed in clinical psychology?

The masters program covers a good basic knowledge in CBT. You would need to continue your education by learning about various different models that can be used to help people who may not respond to CBT.

The masters program I did also didn’t offer any training in couples therapy nor in how to run a private practice and these are important skills in private practice.