Careers Board

Finding a job as a psychology student or graduate may be difficult and frustrating. PsychSoc aims to assist all students and graduates with easing the process of finding employment by providing this careers board. Our objective is to offer opportunities to develop your interests and experiences in a variety of fields in psychology, while building on your professional resume.

The PsychSoc Job Board is a centralised platform for UNSW psychology students to find paid/unpaid jobs, internships and volunteer positions. Listed positions are not necessarily screened before being uploaded, and are not (unless specified) affiliated with the UNSW School of Psychology nor UNSW Psychology Society.

As such, the UNSW School of Psychology and UNSW Psychology Society:

  • Cannot guarantee the veracity, reliability or credibility of the jobs listed on the Board

  • Remains independent from any express or implied representations made through the Board

  • Does not accept liability for any loss or damage sustained from reliance on the Board

If you encounter a negative experience from any of the jobs listed, please contact us at so we can take appropriate action. Please also contact us if you would like to make a listing.


Psychology is relevant to numerous fields, from corporate, social work, digital programming to health and so much more! These roles could give you an idea of where you might want to take your skills and knowledge learned from a background in psychology.

Laboratory meetings are a great, low-commitment, and non-intimidating way of getting more involved in the research fields that you might’ve found interesting in your courses. Researchers get together weekly to give a presentation and discuss the latest research happening in their department or field. They are also a great way to improve your own scientific thinking!

If you’re ready for a bit more commitment and are looking for some hands-on experience, a research assistant position will allow you to assist in various stages of running an experiment. No prior experience is required!