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Finding a job as a psychology student or graduate may be difficult and frustrating. PsychSoc aims to assist all students and graduates with easing the process of finding employment by providing this careers board. Our objective is to offer opportunities to develop your interests and experiences in a variety of fields in psychology, while building on your professional resume.

The PsychSoc Job Board is a centralised platform for UNSW psychology students to find paid/unpaid jobs, internships and volunteer positions. Listed positions are not necessarily screened before being uploaded, and are not (unless specified) affiliated with the UNSW School of Psychology nor UNSW Psychology Society

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Research: Lab Meetings

Lab meetings are a great way to be introduced to the most current work being conducted in specific fields of Psychology. Each week, a researcher will present and discuss and article, or their own study or proposal. This is a good chance to get to know more academics, and get more used to thinking scientifically. All you have to do is listen!

Dr. Damien Mannion | perception

My weekly lab meeting is concerned with perception (vision, hearing, and their interaction) and science practice. Attendance is typically 6-10 people, including undergraduates, honours students, PhD students, and postdocs. Meeting times are negotiated at the start of each term to attempt to accommodate all schedules. The current plan for T2 2019 is Wednesdays at 10-11am.

Undergraduates who are interested in perception and being involved in my lab are encouraged to contact me ( about attending lab meetings.

I do not take volunteer students, with the exception of students who wish to pursue their own research projects under my supervision. For ongoing projects, students are employed as casual research assistants depending on availability of funding and open positions.



The majority of the work discussed in the lab involves studies of non-human animals in memory, fear, anxiety and an emphasis on changes across development.

Lab meetings run most weeks on Tuesdays 10-11AM in 927 Mathews. Presentations vary from discussions of recent articles as a group, occasional guest speakers to presentation of recently collected data.

If you would be interested in attending, please contact me for more details.


Research: Lab Assistant

If you’re looking to get even more involved in research, a lab assistant position will allow you to get hands on experience in conducting an experiment. This is a great way to see if you would enjoy doing research, and to see exactly what is involved in conducting research.

PROF. EDDIE HARMON-JONES | volunteer position | social

My lab studies the psychology of motivation and emotion, employing social and neuroscience approaches. We are interested in the interplay of cognition, emotion, and motivation. The majority of research conducted in the lab is derived from theory. We use multiple measures in our research (e.g., self-reports, reaction times, electroencephalographic activity, event-related brain potentials, electrocardiography, electromyography). Other the last few years, these broad research interests have been realised in lines of research on anger and cognitive dissonance.

The role is unpaid. It could involve a variety of tasks, from running participants in lab experiments to processing behavioural or EEG data (depending on your interests). It could involve a variety of tasks, from running participants in lab experiments to processing behavioural or EEG data (depending on your interests). 

Minimum commitment per week: 6 hours per week

No other minimum requirements to apply.

Please get in touch with me at if you would be interested in this position.